EdD Degree & Other Requirements for a Teacher Career

A career in teaching is one of the most lucrative professional engagements. Teachers are paid well and held in high esteem in society. It is also satisfying to watch children pass through your arms and grow to become high-profile members of society.

An EdD degree is the starting point when you want to join the teaching profession. While different states have unique requirements, there are common entries that you must tick before entering any class to teach. Here are the requirements to become a teacher.

Basic subject training

What degree do I need to be a teacher? You can teach high school or college with any basic degree. Whether you are good in math, languages, biology, or such general subjects, you have already made the first step towards becoming a teacher. You will be required to teach simpler concepts than those you learned in your college class.

What major do you need to be a teacher? The issue is not so much about the major. Once you have a major, you can take a minor in education and still get to class to teach. It is upon the major that you add post-graduate qualification in education. It prepares you to teach concepts like language or biology, which you have already learned.

Passion in education

Passion might not be listed in the high school teaching degree requirements but you will need it. Handling students and getting the most out of them is not easy. You have targets to meet and a generation to inspire. You will also be repeating the same simple concepts each day. It will take passion and dedication to deliver the learning outcomes.

Passion makes you a more creative teacher. You can imagine how long it takes to become a teacher and the intensity of the work yet you are left to handle kids. Only a passionate teacher can manage to fulfill the task without fatigue.

The ability to handle children

Most of the teaching happens with children and young adults. You must have the patience, energy, and creativity to handle children. What can you do with a doctorate in education? While you might join research institutions, your main role is to manage institutions handling children at different ages. Consider college students as children because they are still dependent on their parents. Evaluate your energy and creativity to see whether you will fit in this environment.

Post-graduate training in education

A doctorate in education jobs takes you to colleges and universities. However, you may still be required to manage high schools or special training institutions. Once you have acquired basic training in an examinable subject, you have to earn a post-graduate degree or diploma in education. It helps you to understand teaching methodologies and the philosophy of education.

Upon completion of training, you must obtain your license. The license allows you to teach in any state. Only good behavior and performance will keep you in the teaching profession. Education authorities will constantly monitor your output to determine whether you fit being in class regardless of your qualification and passion.

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