35 Best Economics Dissertation Topic Ideas

When writing an economics dissertation, you must pay attention to the topic. It guides you on the perspective to take on a subject. It also defines your overall research experience, especially the speed and enthusiasm with which to complete the paper.

Everyone begins with several economic dissertation ideas. However, you cannot base your paper on all of them. As a result, you have to choose the strongest and one that will help you to deliver a satisfactory paper.

Here are fresh and exciting economics thesis topics to consider for your paper.

  1. Impact of non-profit organizations on micro-economies
  2. Antitrust regulations and their effect on company growth
  3. Digitization and the challenges of regulation
  4. Multinational company structures and their effects on the areas they operate
  5. How Covid-19 has affected local economies- case studies
  6. Local industries and businesses that rose from the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions
  7. Stimulus packages and their effects on local economies
  8. Lockdowns and the ideas emerging from the misfortune
  9. How local cultures and mentalities affect entrepreneurship as well as innovation
  10. Behaviors of individuals and its impact on shared wealth
  11. Digitization and product shelf-life
  12. Crowdfunding and its effect on innovation
  13. Is it possible to import or export the innovation culture?
  14. National policies and their impact on local innovations
  15. The richest and poorest places in the world- understanding the underlying factors
  16. House prices and Covid-19 pandemic
  17. Will Coronavirus result in an exodus from cities?
  18. Peer pressure and trends in economic activities in rural areas
  19. The place of social capital in nurturing entrepreneurship
  20. Migration and its impact on local economies
  21. Globalization and the stifling of diverse economic activities
  22. The impact of IMF policies on economies in developed and developing countries
  23. Transaction costs and their impact on liquidity
  24. Digitization of money and liquidity
  25. Job experience and entrepreneurship
  26. Mergers and acquisitions – impact on locally owned brands
  27. Localized energy sources
  28. Decision theory and the game theory
  29. The effects of interest rates on consumption habits
  30. Negative interest and the propping of national economies
  31. Small businesses in the wake of major economic crisis
  32. Unemployment and innovation
  33. Saving culture and how it promotes entrepreneurship
  34. Income inequality in the wake of Covid-19
  35. The role of insurance in restoring small businesses after a disaster

The best economics dissertation topics guide you to craft a compelling paper. But what makes a topic compelling for an essay while another is fit for a dissertation?

To understand the suitability of a topic, here are the foundations of generating hot topics in economics for your paper.

  • Fresh – the best economics dissertation ideas are those that have received the least attention. Fresh ideas capture the imagination of any reader. They promise new information, making the time spent reading the paper worthwhile.
  • Interesting – a compelling dissertation on economics is interesting to read. It discusses a fresh perspective that raises the curiosity of everyone who comes into contact with your paper. Give the reader a reason to dig deep into your paper.
  • Specific – the topic defines the boundaries of your research. A reader can tell the subject of discussion from your topic. He will avoid looking for non-existent information.

Even the simple research topics in economics can make a great paper. You only need to research thoroughly and organize your ideas logically. The topic must also be specific to create realistic expectations in the reader.

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