Extreme Weight Loss? 5 Possible Causes!

Extreme weight loss

Weight loss is a great goal for many people . However, it can also happen that you lose weight without wanting to and without knowing where it comes from. This often leads to some concern about the cause of such sudden weight loss.
Have you automatically lost kilos over the past weeks or months and are you worried about the cause? In this article we mention five factors that can lead to sudden weight loss. We also look at when it is wise to go to the doctor!

Possible causes of Extreme Weight Loss

Have you suddenly lost a lot of weight lately? We list a few possible causes below.

1. Stress

Stress leads to a decreased appetite for many people . As a result, you almost naturally start eating less without realizing it. The result is a calorie deficit , and therefore weight loss. Although it is of course unpleasant to have a lot of stress, this is relatively harmless. After all, you can solve the problem again by ensuring that you get more calories .
2. More exercise
Another option is that you subconsciously burn more calories than before. Has there been a change in your lifestyle so you are more going to move ? Have you taken a dog, got rid of the car, or have you started exercising more intensively? Even small changes can suddenly make a big difference in your energy balance .

3. Moisture loss

Even if you do not eat less, eating differently can also lead to weight loss. This is especially true if your changed diet causes fluid loss. This happens, for example, if you eat less salt , or sometimes if you consume little carbohydrates . The secretion of fluid reserves by your body can make a difference of a few pounds.

4. Thyroid gland

Then there is the possibility that your metabolism has started to work faster. A relatively common cause for this is a disruption of thyroid function. The thyroid gland makes the hormones that regulate your metabolism. If it works too fast, your metabolism also speeds up and you burn more calories.

5. Intestinal disorders and parasites

Finally, there may be a problem in your digestive system. For example, if you have contracted a parasite, such as a tapeworm, it “steals” part of your diet. That means you eat just as much and still lose weight. Bowel infections also lead to a lower intake of energy and thus to weight loss.

Extreme weight loss

What is too much weight loss?

When does weight loss become unhealthy or even dangerous? That depends a bit on the speed and the cause. Can you think of a cause that falls under the first three points of this list? Then you can counteract the weight loss with a change in your lifestyle and there is no unhealthy underlying cause.
In that case, a visit to a doctor is not immediately necessary. You can first try for example to get your diet back in order. Or if the cause is that you happen to move more, you can be satisfied that you have lost a few kilos in a healthy way.
But are eating habits and exercise not an explanation for the loss of weight? Then it may be wise to visit a doctor. This applies in particular if you have lost more than 5 kilos in a month or more than 10 kilos in six months. A doctor can then help you determine whether an underlying disease may lead to your weight loss.