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Are you tired of being fat? Do you get frustrated every time you see a gorgeous pair of jeans that you can’t fit into? Have you tried to be happy in your own body only to find out that its impossible? I guarantee that this Cinderella Solution Reviews will open your eyes to new fitness possibilities!

Do you feel anguish when you see the sad, forlorn look in your man’s face when they look at your flabby body? Does a choking feeling of envy creep up your throat every time you see him admiring a slimmer, fitter woman?

Have you tried every fitness diet and routine under the sun with no results? How about those slimming pills? How successful were they? Do you feel like crying every time you step on the scale? Are you ready to give up? If you have reached this point, hold on girl. I’ve got great news for you!



Millions of women around the world have been at this point where you are. They’ve felt the frustration of being fat and nothing works to help them slim. They are all chasing the same Holy Grail as you; a perfect, slim, attractive body.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. You want to fit into gorgeous clothes and wear flowing gowns which accentuate your svelte figure. You want to have an hourglass figure and grab the attention of every guy who looks at you. You want to see your man admiring you with sexual desire every second of the day. You want to be a living goddess with a heavenly body, don’t you?


Guess what, none of the products being advertised online and on TV will help you get there! That’s because the secret is inside your body! You only need a secret key to unlock it and I’ve got it for you!

Before we proceed to the key, I want you to know I’ve been there. I have struggled with my weight for many years. However, I found the secret key and life’s never been the same again! My name is Carly Donovan and here’s my story.


My redemption from the clutches of excess weight!

A few years ago after getting out of the shower, I finally decided to look at my image in the mirror. I had been avoiding it for months. I finally convinced myself to look and immediately wished that I hadn’t.

carly donovan


The person I saw in the mirror shocked me! Fat had accumulated all over my body! My face was puffy, my neck had rolling layers and my shoulders drooped in the most agonizing way.

My arms sagged and I could even see cellulite around my armpits!

My eyes dropped slowly to the spot that I knew was most disastrous, my tummy. When I saw it, the first thing that crossed my mind was, am I pregnant? It was huge! My tummy looked like a huge muffin that was sadly sagging over my waist. It was horrible!

The love handles guided my eyes down towards blotchy, cellulite-filled thighs. Not only were they horribly misshapen, they were the farthest thing from sexy. I finally understood why my husband worked later in the night now more often than ever! He simply wasn’t attracted to me any more.

I remembered how my body looked during my college days. I remembered the beautiful figure that I had. Visions of the slim clothing, heels and lingerie flashed before my eyes. The expression of pure admiration which my husband had on our first date dawned on me. It slowly turned into sad frustration as reality dawned. I was no longer beautiful!

The realization that I was only a pale shadow of what I used to be stunned the life out of me. That mirror had jerked me into reality with a thunderous slam. Now only one thing lingered on my mind, I must find a solution. Guess what? I did and I will share it with you!

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My search for the fountain of health!

After leaving the hospital, I began to research voraciously about how to lose weight naturally. I had tried every diet under the sun and honestly, they were utter nonsense! I had performed every fat burning exercise routine imaginable and can honestly say they are just expensive ways to sweat!

In the course of my research, I began to delve deeper and deeper into holistic, traditional nutritional guidelines from the Orient. I was so surprised to see that women in Oriental cultures had found ways to achieve svelte bodies and maintain their health naturally! Even better, their strategies even lengthened their lives! How amazing right?

We all hate history lessons so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I found that Japan is the happiest country in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) had repeatedly found the Japanese to be happy, healthy and able to live long lives. Shockingly, they have featured in the top 5 happiest countries in the world for the last 5 decades! My jaw dropped when I found out why.


Secrets of the Orient!

The women in Japan live up to 87 years old. This is 10 years longer than our women in the USA! They are happy and amazingly resistant to disease. They rarely suffer from dementia, heart attacks, depression or strokes. In short, they are as close to immortal as you possibly can get! They are able to accomplish this while staying as beautiful as ever!

women in Japan
116-year-old Japanese woman

It turns out, the women in Japan altered their eating habits 62 years ago by making a little, simple alteration. They actually activated a hormonal-synergy which produces Warrior Antibodies that actively find and destroy obesity from the inside!

At this point, I was floored! These beautiful Japanese ladies had found a way to beat fat gain from the inside. How come nobody told me this? Simple! The corporations behind all those fat burning pills, exercise routines and diets don’t want you to know this legendary secret! They want you to keep buying their products to make them rich!

I continued looking into this fascinating country and found that Japanese women are actually 42 pounds lighter than American women. Even more astounding, they have an obesity rate of ZERO! At this point, I just had to find out what made them slim and kept them that way!

It’s all about Shoku Iku

6 decades ago, the Japanese created a set of rules known as Shoku Iku. These rules showed them how to pair food flavors. Shoku Iku helped them to create a balance between their hormones and metabolism. It helped them to boost happiness and health from the inside out!

This Nutrition Architecture is simple and very, very effective! I mean you don’t even have to change your nutritional routine. Simply apply Shoku Iku in your nutrition in the way that I will show you and you’ll shed weight like a professional athlete!

shoku iku


For more than 50 years, Japanese women had been applying Shoku Iku into their daily diets and achieved longer, leaner lives! They have svelte figures and a consistent smile on their faces. All this while eating double the amount of carbohydrates that we do in the USA!

I began to practice Shoku Iku immediately after I discovered it. I mapped out my daily nutritional intake and began to pair my food and flavors in the correct way. Best of all, I found that there was no need to give up the foods that I love eating! Simply pair them correctly and the weight will fall off!

In my excitement, I looked at women’s nutritional practices from all over the world. It turns out that different countries across the globe have their own flavor pairing natural health secrets. As indicated in this Cinderella Solution Review, everyone knew it all along except American women!


Secrets of weight loss and great health from all over the world!

  • Japanese women implement a simple Carb-Pairing Ritual every night at dinner. This allows them to eat more carbohydrates without gaining weight!
  • Swiss women use a simple Chocolate-Pairing habit every day. It resets their weight-loss hormones. As a result, they are able to lose a pound of weight every day, effortlessly!
  • Australian women actually lose weight the fastest! How do they do it? They simply use a Movement-Sequencing Ritual. It removes fat from the softest areas in their bodies.
  • In Spain, the women there simply use a Wine-Timing-Ritual. By sipping on this delectable drink along with an appropriate pairing, they kill inflammation enzymes in their bodies. In this way, they avoid getting strokes and increase the length of their lives at the same time!
  • Flavor-pairing is performed by women all over the world! This habit helps them to stay fit, healthy and strong. Best of all, it keeps them looking absolutely gorgeous!


My personal success with flavor pairing!

carly donovan before

Only 30 minutes after I began Flavor-Pairing, I started to experience a mild headache. After consulting a leading scientist, it turned out that this was caused by inflammation enzymes and fat cells being eliminated from my body. I secretly knew that the transformation had begun!

I kept using the flavor pairing rituals over the next week. Suddenly, my clothes began to feel looser and looser. It was like I was shrinking! This made me happy because I knew the flavor-pairings were working!

After a few days, I wondered, “Is this all in my head or am I actually losing weight?” I decided to check the scale after 7 days of using the flavor-pairing. When I finally stepped upon it, I was shocked to find out that I had lost a whopping 14 pounds with pure Flavor Pairing and no exercise at all!

I had finally cracked the code! After a month of Flavor Pairing, I had lost a total of 26 pounds!

Cinderella Solution Diet Reviews

The new habit from Japan was working very, very fast! I was overjoyed! Now I want to share this secret with you in the Cinderella Solution Review!


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The Cinderella Solution Flavor Pairing Guide

After finding out the secret of health, wealth and beauty, I quickly compiled and condensed it into a convenient, attractive and effective guide. Ladies, welcome to the Cinderella Solution!


The Cinderella Solution is an easy-to-begin, simple cure to help you lose weight fast! It contains Flavor Pairing rituals which you can use to hit the reset button on your metabolism. The Cinderella Solution quick guide resets your Cortisol, Insulin and Estrogen to promote fat-burning at a blistering rate!

60 years of evidence and the results from thousands of women from all over the world have been combined to create the Cinderella Solution Recipes! They prove that all women are only a single step away from igniting a fat-loss effect in their bodies. This fantastic guide helps you to incorporate Shoku Iku into your daily life and experience the fastest fat shedding process in the world!

By using the Cinderella Solution diet, you can watch the fat simply melt right off your body! This guide can help you to drop between 25 and 40 pounds of fat in only 4 weeks! By re-aligning the fat-burning hormones in your body, the Cinderella Solution Flavor Pairing Diet creates a domino effect from your inside, out!


Cinderella Solution Reviews – RESULTS THAT SPEAK

Cinderella Solution Results speak itself! Read Cinderella solution diet reviews and see the results yourself.

Cinderella Solution Results

Explore Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program


Cinderella Solution System




the Cinderella solution weight loss reviews


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Why the Cinderella Solution System is the perfect weight loss tool for you!

  • You will lose weight 6 times quicker than the most popular commercial diet in the market today with no need to count calories!
  • You will keep eating your favorite comfort food (even cakes, Fast Food, Chocolates and Shakes) and end up feeling 10 to 20 years younger!
  • You will be able to burn fat quicker in your trouble spots by liberating fat cells which are then utilized as energy on-demand!
  • Explore Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program will show you how to stack carbohydrates in such a way that you strengthen your heart as you lose the pounds!
  • You will learn how to use the Procrastination Method which is utilized in Alcoholics Anonymous to achieve complete freedom from hunger and food-obsession!
  • You will establish a Golden Window which will show you when to drink wine and lose weight at the same time using a simple stopwatch!
  • Your heart will be spared the extra work that it performs to pump additional blood to fat deposited all over your body!
  • No more depression molecules will be directed to your brain every time you see an old picture where you look 20, 30 or 40 pounds lighter!
  • You will never waste money on fake, lying and ineffective commercial weight loss schemes which promise to help you lose weight!



The Cinderella Solution System is a pennies-a-day Flavor Pairing ritual guide which can help you to gain the body of your dreams! It is backed by decades of tradition and guaranteed by scientific laws. This guide contains all the secrets which I used to transform my fat body into the figure of a goddess! Now you can use it too!

Through the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program, you can enjoy rapid, rewarding, safe and permanent weight loss. Cinderella solution weight loss reviews are the proofs of that. If they can lose weight, why can’t you!! It is fully proven by testimonials from hundreds of women who are living their fitness dreams! Through its unique female metabolism strategy, the Cinderella Solution can help you to get an Immediate, Long-Lasting Fat Burning Experience!

Cinderella reviews

Cinderella Solution Program – Complete convenience!

The Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program is easily accessible to you whenever and wherever you want to Watch Videos. You never have to carry around a clunky book, calorie calculator or pills. That’s because the Cinderella Solution Program (the cinderella solution pdf, e-books & Videos) is accessible through a handy application in your smartphone, tablet or laptop!

the cinderella solution pdf




Every single Flavor Pairing detail is laid out for you in vivid, colorful detail. It is all laid out at your fingertips using the simplest terms. Even better, I have included illustrations and videos throughout the guide!

The best thing about the Cinderella Solution is that it works no matter how old you are! Women in their late 40s, 50s and 60s have used my Flavor Pairing guide to transform their bodies. Best of all, they’ve even turned back the hands of time and look decades younger!

Once you transform your body with the help of this complete diet program and special cinderella solution tea recipe, you will fall in love with your new body and looks. You would never ever even think to quit this dieting plan because you won’t be eating boring meals. You will have the luxury of eating both delicious and healthy food.

The most affordable, effective weight-loss solution ever!

Do you want to be in control over your weight? Do you want to start experiencing ground-breaking weight loss today? Do you want to shock your partner, family and friends with a gorgeous figure in only 1 month? Buy the Cinderella Flavor Pairing Solution today and turn these desires into your reality!

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