EdD Dissertation Guide & Sample Topics

Completing an EdD dissertation will transform your fortunes. You will have achieved a lifetime goal that many people will never dream of. You also have a reason and potential to go for better-paying jobs that come with numerous opportunities and a fortune.

However, an education dissertation is not easy to complete. It takes months of extensive reading, writing, and engagements with your supervisor and the committee. You also need to make an oral presentation that comes with impromptu questions from the panelists.

Here is a guide on how to develop the best dissertation completion plan so that the paper can take the least time and be compelling to read.

Choose a fresh and interesting topic

While there are thousands of EdD dissertation topics you can choose from, not all will help you to draft the most captivating paper. A topic may be strong for another subject but not education. Another topic may be miles away from your area of interest. In the absence of interest, such a paper will be difficult to write.

Choose a topic out of passion. The passion will give you the energy to write your paper for long hours without fatigue. You will be done within days or weeks, allowing you to dedicate time and energy to other more profitable engagements like family and work. The best education dissertation topics are also fresh and unique. Avoid an obvious topic that will not add value to academic scholarship. Choose a specific topic such that the reader will develop legitimate expectations from your work.

Here are the latest dissertation topics in education to consider.

  1. Effects of the Corona Virus pandemic on education
  2. Utilization of technology in education
  3. Remote learning and the absence of socialization
  4. Equalizing factor in online education
  5. The changing role of parents in education due to remote learning
  6. Training the teacher for the sake of future students
  7. Globalization of education- the gains and losses
  8. Teaching about innovation and entrepreneurship- how effective is it?
  9. Public libraries and their role in facilitating remote learning
  10. VR in education

Dedicate quality time to write your dissertation

A dissertation is an extremely demanding academic paper. You need a lot of time to read through numerous books, academic articles, and other reference materials. Completing an EdD for students dissertation will demand the sacrifice of time. Reschedule your social life and spare some time from your engagements. As you dedicate more time to writing the paper, it will take a shorter time to complete.

Set a suitable study table

How long should a dissertation be? When you think of the length of such an intense paper, you must find a comfortable place to research and write. An ordinary paper may go up to 300 words. You cannot write all these words on your laps. Invest in quality furniture to help you concentrate on drafting.

Hire a professional helper to assist in writing. The assistants are available from writing websites. Choose the most experienced writer even as you check reviews by other students. Edit your paper before submission to ensure that it is flawless.